Inbar Bercovitz Efraim Law,  provides experienced, smart, and responsive legal services to individuals, partnerships & businesses throughout Israel.

Employment: I am especially committed to meeting the unique needs of employees: No employee should experience discrimination, harassment, or termination because of their race, age, gender, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or familial status. We fight against sexual harassment and hostile work environments and against employers who abuse their employees. On the other side, we accompany employers to work legally so there are no fires to be turned off.

Wills: Creating a will is a good idea at any age because we never know what’s going to happen. No matter your age or health, a will ensures that your savings and assets will be distributed in the way you want. If you write your will on your own and if it’s not legally sound, you may not be able to fix it when it’s necessary. That’s why it’s a smart idea to consult with us to draft or revise your will.

Libel and Slander: Defamation Laws: Libel and slander are forms of defamation, a civil complaint defined as publicly making false statements about another person. Libel is a false and malicious statement about someone else, expressed in print. This statement can be made through writing, pictures, signs or other printed material. Some courts distinguish between a libel that appears defamatory at the first glance and libel that simply implies something defamatory. Slander is a false and malicious spoken statement about someone else. If you feel hurt because someone wrote or spoke about you publically, it's a good idea to consult with us, to see what can be done.

We can help with these and many more: write your contracts, save your copyrights, and walk you through Israeli Civil legal system.

We also work on Skype so there is no distance to keep us from standing at your side.

Please, contact us to hear more: 972-54-6366969


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